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What Build the Future is?

Are you up for the challenge?
The Build the Future – Empower Your Community Program will give you the chance to be part of an immersive program where you’ll contribute to accelerate the Energy transition and the Digitalization of your Country and/or Regional Community.
The program starts with a one-week Global Induction, jointly with the Build the Future Graduate Program participants. You’ll also have access to trainings and activities led by the Prysmian Group Academy, in collaboration with a Top-Ranking Business School, throughout the Program duration.
Following your induction, you’ll be part of a one-year job rotation in 2 different departments, in the Country where you are hired: Research and Development and Operations in one of our production sites.
At the end of your job rotations, you will be start performing a brand-new role which is aligned to your interest and the business needs of the region you’ve been hired in.


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Just select “Build the Future – Empower Your Community” as Program preference directly in the application form.

What else is in for you?



Who are you?

  • You are keen on joining a career in our industry and you are ready to embrace a new challenge.

  • You have graduated in the last 18 months or you are completing a degree in the Engineering, Technical or Business and Economics fields.

  • You will work with colleagues globally. Being fluent in English is key.

  • You have worked or studied abroad and you are willing to join another international experience with Prysmian Group.

  • We have global teams and we are present in 50+ countries. Having excellent communication and presentation skills is key.

  • You’d love working and learning from other people.

Our exciting Graduate Program

Yes it does. You will be hired with a competitive salary and permanent contract determined by market analysis. Our company will also provide support regarding transfer and accommodation for your training abroad.
They will no longer relocate abroad as they will have a local position.
Following the local orientation process in your country, you will be involved in a process that will give you an overview of our operations and products, and you will participate in training sessions organized by Prysmian Group Academy in cooperation with a top-ranking Business School. This process will create a great opportunity to network and you will also meet our CEOs and leaders. You will have the chance to have a general evaluation about our company, our products and our technology. In addition to the ongoing training during the program, you will also participate in different business games and trainings with our senior executives.

During the rotations, each participant will get the chance to have a general view of the field they want to work in during their three-year international assignment. Based on each participant's qualifications, interests, feedback on rotations, and organizational requirements, Prysmian Group will assign them to jobs that fit their needs. Although each participant may have a preferred location, international assignments will be based on the Group's open positions at the time.

The recruitment process started in September 2023. It is expected to be completed by January 2024 and the visa process will begin for the global orientation to be held in Milan in March 2024.


Prysmian Group - Graduate Program 2023