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We realize again a new first with "Attention! All Solar (PV) Cables Are Not the Same ... "initiative!

Prysmian Group Turkey, with its belief in a safer and more efficient world, aims to strengthen the perception in the Turkish cable sector and to provide preference for high performance and cost-effective solutions "Attention! All Cables Are Not the Same ... "brings the 4th stage of the initiative to the industry.  Within the context of the initiative "Attention! All Solar (PV) Cables Are Not the Same ... "short and long term advantages of choosing the right cable and using quality products are highlighted.

Worldwide leading company in the energy and telecommunication cables sector, Prysmian Group’s Turkey operation Prysmian Group Turkey added another innovation to the Turkish cable sector with its "Attention! All Solar (PV) Cables Are Not the Same..." initiative.  Prysmian Group Turkey, which has introduced the initiative "Attention! All Solar (PV) Cables Are Not the Same..." for the first time in Kayseri on October 1 and then on October 2 in Konya aims to organize many seminars and promotional activities throughout the country.  Following the seminar in Kayseri, 7 MWP was allocated to the Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone and 11 MWp to Seferoğlu Elektrik A.Ş. (EPC), which is composed of two parts, owned by Efektif Industrial Energy Inc. and completed with the installation of 18MWp, will meet 10% of the consumption of Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, Turkey's largest solar energy Prysmian Group Turkey organizing a trip with participants to the power plant seminar; To October 2, a visit to the first solar energy power plant in Konya, which was commissioned by IBC Solar in 2012 is organized and a visit to the solar energy plant within Medaş providing energy to the grid in Turkey, is also scheduled.

Prysmian Group Turkey, assesses initiative "Attention! All Solar (PV) Cables Are Not The Same ... " for the benefits of cable security and high performance and advantages on overall project costs.  According to Prysmian Performance Test (PPT) results, Prysmian Group Turkey Solar (PV) cables perform above TÜV terms and function longer than standard life span of 25 years. In the meanwhile, Prysmian Group Turkey, which has certified its Solar (PV) cables with VDE compliance of Germany's test and certification organization, is proud to present EN certified products to Turkey market before Europe and simultaneously with Germany.

In the seminars where the names of the industry together with the authorized names of the Prysmian Group Turkey, which continues the steps of carrying the sector to the advanced level within the scope of "Linking Turkey to Tomorrow" mission, Prysmian Group Turkey OEM & Special Cable Sales Director Ilhan Ozturk '' Attention! Each Solar (PV) Cable Is Not The Same ... " System Cost Structure ', Prysmian Group Turkey Marketing and Business Development Manager Tamer Yavuztürk said, "From past to today" Attention! All Cables Are s Not the Same ... ", Prysmian Group Turkey Materials Technology Manager Alaettin Şenkaya" "Attention! All Solar (PV) Cables Are Not The Same..." Technical Information ', Prysmian Group Germany Solar Cables Sales Executive İlker Aksoy discusses issues such as' Solar (PV) cable structure, Germany Solar Energy Market and market problems'; On behalf of Solarbaba Platform, Business Development Manager Merve Düzağaç shares developments about 'Solar Energy with Numbers'.  Following the seminars, the information shared will be reinforced with the organized field visits.

Prysmian Group Turkey OEM & Private Cable Sales Director Ilhan Ozturk said about the 4th stage, which has attracted great attention from the first day of launch, "The Prysmian Group solar energy solutions have been preferred for many years and their performance after use is one step ahead of their competitors. We are different in the Turkish cable sector with our products and experience we have tested in real field conditions. That's precisely because of this, it was almost inevitable for us to offer the industry “Attention! All Solar (PV) Cables Are Not The Same...” the 4th stage of our initiative “Attention! All Cables Are the same...” which has drew a great interest and made a success in the Turkish cable industry.  

Prysmian Group Turkey CEO Erkan Aydogdu said about the 4th stage: “In the first three phases of the Turkish cable industry's largest information and awareness-raising initiative ‘Attention! All Cables Are Not The Same...’, we have worked on energy cabling in line with the needs of our industry. In conjunction with the fourth phase, we have carried out tests and researches on Solar (PV) cables, starting by studies on renewable energy. And once again, our tests and research convinced us that we should quickly inform the Turkish cable industry. We hope that we will get returns for the work we have started from October 1, 2015, as soon as possible. "

About the initiative "Attention! All Cables Are Not the Same ... "

Since 2012, when Prysmian Group Turkey launches its "Attention! All Cables Are Not the Same..." initiative, it has increased its number of people accessed through 23 seminars in 2 countries to over 2,100.  The company, which introduced another innovation in the industry at the second stage of the initiative, made it possible to make cable calculations practical and easy with the Kablomatik ™ application accessible on the website and on smartphones, as well as allowing to choose the right cable.

In the framework of innovations made in phase 3, the "Overheating Test", which draws attention to fires that may occur as a result of overheating on the panels, "Combustion under Impact and Tension Test", which shows the performance of cables during fire under effect of impact and water, "Tensile Force Test" and "Slippery Test", which emphasize the slipperiness of cables installed inside pipes were set forth in addition to the "Smoke Density Test", "Strippability Test" and "Combustion under Tension Test”.

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