Türk Prysmian Kablo supports women’s careers in technology

Türk Prysmian Kablo supports women’s careers in technology

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Aiming to draw attention to equal employment opportunity as a bronze sponsor in the “Women in Technology” event, Türk Prysmian Kablo has announced its STEM IT program for increasing the woman workforce in technology.

İstanbul, Türkiye   -   03/16/2022 - 10:00 AM

More than 500 women, who want to make a career in the technology program, will attend the STEM IT program which will be supported by a 5-year plan of Prysmian Group. The candidates will be employed in Prysmian Group upon an intense training to be delivered within the scope of the program.

Türk Prysmian Kablo, the Turkish affiliate of Prysmian Group, the world leader in the energy and telecommunication cables industry, maintains its leader role following the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion adopted as its corporate culture.

Türk Prysmian Kablo was one of the sponsors for “Women in Technology” event held in Istanbul on March 8 International Women's Day. Undertaking the bronze sponsorship in the event organized by Women in Technology Association, the company aims to increase women employment in information and technology and to create awareness.

“Women should be present in every field of life as they wish.”

The interest in the “Women in Technology” event, held on March 8 International Women's Day was intense. Held with physical and online participation, the organization was also shared free of charge via online live broadcast.

Giving a speech at the event, Ülkü Özcan, CEO, Türk Prysmian Kablo, underlined the insufficiency of women employment in the technology and informatics sector and remarked that especially the big companies should undertake a pioneer role. Özcan added: “That women should be present in every aspect of life as they wish, is the most important principle in my approach to life. Because I believe in the importance and necessity of supporting equal opportunity between women and men as of the first stages of education, increasing the value of differences, and encouraging the individuals to exhibit their unique features. I am also working as a woman CEO in the cable industry, which is considered as a “man’s job”.  I am very proud to be working in this sector, as I believe with all my heart that women can assume different roles on the field, in technical domains and factories, in addition to office jobs. Different viewpoints provided by women in all fields, their productivity, astonishing ideas and values that they bring in strengthen this belief each day.”

At the event, Merve Candır, who has been in the STEM IT program at Türk Prysmian Kablo for about two years and has been working as a Production Engineer talked about her experience of the process: “I had a very pleasant interview process, where I was motivated with the belief in me, rather than doubts about my presence in this unit where in general men are employed.” As a woman, working in the field of STEM is very enjoyable and valuable for me. Enjoyable, because I love to be in the technical and operation unit, be dynamic, and break taboos. Valuable, because this is a vision for me as well. I believe that if they want,  women can be present in all fields, be respected, and become successful, and being a model is one of my most powerful motivation sources. I am very proud to work in a company like Prysmian Group that supports equal opportunity and gives importance to women employment.”

STEM IT program is open for application

Noting that the STEM IT program, launched by Prysmian Group, is crucial in terms of supporting women employment in the field of technology, Özcan gave the following information on the program: “Launched by Prysmian Group, STEM IT Program is an employment project aiming to increase the number of women in the technology world.” One of our goals is to employ and improve more than 500 women, and to give technical and scientific roles to the new generation of women, who want to pursue a career in a completely dedicated STEM IT program by 2030. STEM IT Program will be supported by a 5-year program, built around entrepreneurship, training, and networking. Through a series of training delivered within the scope of the program, the candidates will attend an in-depth educational and academic program, created jointly with Prysmian Group Academy and high-level business schools. The first two years of the program will include training courses and networking events that will enable the next generation of STEM Women to unleash their knowledge, skills, and full potential. In the third year, our young women who have gone through the training will be assigned to new roles, depending on their performance and the essentials of the job. The last two years of the program will continue with leadership courses based on performance and potential. They will continue their careers in Prysmian Group by participating in challenging projects and job rotations at the local and regional levels. We believe that through our exciting STEM IT program, we will be able to contribute to the industry and women employment.”