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Prysmian Group Turkey, Realized the 54th Ordinary General Meeting for 2016 Year of Activity

Prysmian Group Turkey, with its slogan "Linking Turkey to the Future", whose biggest goal ever since its first day in 1964, has always been to add important business innovations that it has signed and that believes it best defines this point of view, has left a successful year behind . Prysmian Group Turkey which is evaluating the results of the year of activity 2016 54th the Ordinary General Assembly was held on March 31, 2017, with the participation of its investors, both in the electronic environment and at the corporate headquarters in Mudanya. 

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager Erkan Aydogdu, has said in his speech at the general assembly, “Despite the difficulties resulted from last year's dynamics, I think we have left behind a successful year. Ever since the first day of our establishment, our ultimate goal as a company has always been to bring innovations to our successful work that we undertake and always progress".

At the meeting; the results of 2016 year of activity and other issues on the agenda, which were completed with a net profit increase of approximately 46 percent compared to the previous year, were presented to investors' opinions and attestations. In this context; the financial statements and footnotes of the year 2016 as well as the annual report prepared by the Board of Directors and distributing 7 million 33 thousand 742 TL of net profit distributable profit calculated according to the Turkish Commercial Code and Capital Markets Board legislation as dividends to investors and the registered capital ceiling is 170 Million TL has been approved by the General Assembly.

All members of the board of directors who served in 2016 were also acquitted separately and the structure of the Board of Directors for the 2017 activity period was as follows: Chairman of Board of Directors Halil İbrahim Kongur, Vice Chairman of Board of Directors Erkan Aydoğdu, Member of Board of Directors Ercan Gökdağ, Member of Board of Directors Fabio Romeo, Independent Member of Board of Directors Andrea Pirondini, Independent Member of Board of Directors Ali Aydın Pandır, Independent Member of Board of Directors Mehmet Emin Tutan,Independent Member of Board of Directors Ayşe Canan Ediboğlu.

After all the questions asked by investors during the meeting were answered and all the issues on the agenda were decided, Erkan Aydogdu said in his closing speech,As the leader and the safest address in every sense in cable, our sector will continue to contribute to the top spot  without ever giving up. We will always strive to achieve better with our dynamic and expert team.  We will continue to take part in the most prestigious projects in their field as an operation in Turkey of a worldwide leader group.  I would like to thank our customers, suppliers and self-sacrificing staff for not abandoning trust in Turk Prysmian for years.  I wish that the year 2017 will add value to my country, sector, and investors and make it successful for our company" said.