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Prysmian Group Turkey exhibits its new technologies at the Eurasia Rail Fair

Worldwide leading company in the sector of energy and telecommunication cables Prysmian Group’s Turkey operation Prysmian Group Turkey introduced its products and technology at the Eurasia Rail International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair held in the Istanbul Expo Center between 2- 4 March 2017.

Prysmian Group Turkey, which always leads a further success with its pioneering works and investments in the sector, introduced its new products and technologies at Eurasia Rail which is the unique one in Eurasia region and the third largest railway fair in the world. Prysmian Group Turkey, the biggest supplier of TCDD projects with its signal, communication, balise, energy and fiber optic cables, had the opportunity to introduce the rail vehicle cables specially designed for subway and rail system vehicles (rolling stock) and also for a turnkey product, the Connecta system. The interest shown to Connecta was an indication of how open to innovation the sector was. The Connecta System, manufactured in the UK, stands out with its innovative solution to the cable systems used in tunnel lighting, being able to be produced in desired lengths and intervals, very easy to install, even if one of the lamps fails, the system continues to work smoothly and can be repaired easily.

In the conferences and seminars held simultaneously with Eurasia Rail supported by TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ, KOSGEB and UIC hosted by Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications Ministry and State Railways, sector professionals gathered together with opinion leaders in the fields. The fair, where railway and light rail systems professionals assembled, welcomed 10 thousand visitors from 70 countries.

Prysmian Group Turkey CEO Erkan Aydogdu, shared his thoughts about the fair with the following words: "As Prysmian Group Turkey, we are the leader and best cable supplier in the railway sector.” The greatest factor in coming to this point is that we do not approach our customers just like a supplier of materials or products; I believe that we have been working in the railway industry to provide value to them and offer them a healthy growth of the sector by offering them our knowledge, solutions and products based on long years in a partnership framework. Our Prysmian Group factory in Mudanya has one of the widest product ranges among 82 factories we have around the world. With the development of the sector in recent years, we have increased the production capacity and product range of our factory in Mudanya via the new investments we made in the railway sector, and made all the cable types in a railway system producible in Turkey.

Prysmian Group Turkey, which shares the signal, communication and energy cables and railway vehicle cables that it supplies with the Connecta System in addition to the companies that visited the stand in Eurasia Rail, maintains its strong leadership on the market through the fairs, seminars and innovations in relation with the "Linking Turkey to Future” mission announced to the Turkish cable sector in 2011.