Prysmian Group organized  “eNclusion Week” where more than 50 panels  and workshops were conducted on a global level

Prysmian Group organized “eNclusion Week” where more than 50 panels and workshops were conducted on a global level

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İstanbul, Türkiye   -   05/27/2021 - 9:00 AM

Prysmian Group organized the eNclusion Week program, the first digital global Inclusion Week feeding from the “Diversity & Inclusion” policy, between May 17th - 21st. The 5-day digital program which consisted of 4 main themes including “Gender Diversity”, “Diversity and Inclusion in Many Forms”, “Inclusive Culture in the Workplace” and “Generational Diversity and Inclusion” was attended by Türk Prysmian Kablo as well with its events that it organized within the scope of the MEAT region.  

Prysmian Group, the worldwide leader of the cable sector with its focus on “Linking the Future”, organized a digital and global “eNclusion Week” event between May 17-21, 2021. Round-table discussions, presentations, panels and workshops were carried out on the importance and advantage of creating working areas under the Diversity & Inclusion policy within the scope of the program which took place online. Türk Prysmian Kablo, Prysmian Group’s Turkey operation, got together with the participants on the fourth day of the event with five different sessions where the topics of “Woman in the Roles of Science, Technics, Engineering with Generation and Intergenerational Diversity”. 

With the participation of an international and multicultural community, there have been public events for 5 days in the online program where speakers from different sectors with different backgrounds shared their knowledge and best practices on “Diversity&Inclusion”. With this event, Prysmian Group reinforced its bond with “Diversity&Inclusion” even more with the purpose of further developing its human capital of around 28.000 employees worldwide. 

The age and gender diversities in work environments were scrutinized

During the MEAT Region leg which took place on the fourth day of the global event and which Turkey was also a part of, the opening speech was given by Cinzia Farisè, the CEO of Türk Prysmian Kablo. After the first session where the promotional video of MEAT Region was published and officials from the Oman operation (Oman Cables) also gave speeches; the second session titled “Generational blend in the workplace” which shed light on to the different points of view, challenges, mentalities and achievements due to diversity of generation took place with the speech of the Consultant and Speaker Evrim Kuran. During the 4th session titled “Discussions and Thoughts on Diversity&Inclusion” which took place after the third session titled “STEM and Perspective from Women in Leadership”, the interviews that have been done with the Prysmian Group MEAT Region employees on “Diversity&Inclusion” were shared with the participants and a panel was organized where officials and employees from Turkey and Oman got together.

And in the 5th and last session titled “Keep the Generational and Gender Diversity and Inclusion Flag Flying High”, the theatrical skits which the employees shot with their own means and which referred to the 4 main themes got together with the participants. Then, Aysun Kalmık, the Prysmian Group Global Diversity&Inclusion Director and Türk Prysmian Kablo Human Resources and Organization Director, took the floor and gave a speech on Prysmian Group’s objectives on the matter. Ramon Pallares, the CEO of Oman Cables, and Dario Rugge, the Prysmian Group MEAT Region Human Resources Director, gave the closing speech and Prysmian Group’s future initiatives and objectives were discussed.

During the program which took place publicly in English, Turkish and Arabic specific to different sessions, the audience; got the chance to listen to, learn about and share the worldwide stories and opinions of the participants. 

“The Diversity and Inclusion Culture is in Pyrsmian’s DNA”

Aysun Kalmık, the Prysmian Group Diversity&Inclusion Director, who emphasized that 50 percent of the Türk Prysmian Kablo’s Executive Board, 35 percent of their white-collar employees and 25 percent of their executives consisted of women, expressed her opinions as follows: “We believe that benefiting from gender-related, age-related and cultural diversity means creating more value, more creativity and more profit, and we build a work environment where all of our employees can feel understood, respected and included. With the Diversity&Inclusion Executive Committee which I lead and which has been founded within our Group, we inspect all works performed on Diversity&Inclusion within our Group; and we support the realization and encouragement of a cultural change. As Prysmian Group, we aim to increase the rate of females within the total labor force from 16.9% as it was in 2020 up to 17-19%; the rate of females to have been recently hired among white-collar employees from 34% as it was in 2020 up to 40%; and the rate of female managers from 21.9% up to 25-2% by 2022, and thus to improve the gender balance rate even further. We do not only carry out these works within our Group; but we also strive to ensure that the Diversity&Inclusion culture becomes prevalent, and that the level of awareness is increased among all of our shareholders with organizations such as eNclusion Week which is a global and digital event where many various sessions on Diversity&Inclusion took place. The fact that this event is open to all of our shareholders, both internal and external, is also an output of our sustainable benefit objectives that we try to create for the entire world.”

“We make a difference with the importance that we attach to female employment in the cable sector”

As for Cinzia Farisè, CEO of Turk Prysmian Kablo, she expressed her opinions as follows: Of course, today in a world in full transformation something else is needed. Every transformation passes through the human factor and today more than ever a change of focus is needed: from the focus of economies of scales to the focus of learning economies, where the human factor is crucial. In Prysmian Group the growth of the female management that is taking place in all fields is also highlighting a new style of more inclusive and participatory leadership, attentive to results but also to value all people and to think about the community; digital and technologies offer us new forms of flexibility and conciliation. The new generations are inspired by sharing models that will help us network to create a better world.”