Prysmian Group in Turkey

Prysmian Group in Turkey

Prysmian Group is the world leader in the field of energy and telecommunications cables and systems.

With almost 140 years of experience, 28,000 employees and 104 factories in more than 50 countries worldwide, it has focused on high-tech markets.

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Türk Prysmian Kablo ve Sistemleri A.Ş. is Turkish operation of Prysmian Group, worldwide leading company in energy and telecommunication cables’ industry. The company is headquartered in Mudanya (Bursa) since 1964 and carries out its activities in a total area of 180.000 m² (covered area: 79.000 m²).

The company stands out in Prysmian Group as one of the 16 plants that can simultaneously produce energy and telecom cables. All the energy cables up to 220 kV, copper conductor communication cables up to 3.600 pairs, optical fiber cables, railway-signaling cables, lift systems, studio broadcast cables and special cables are in the company’s product range with its Prysmian and Draka brands. Today Mudanya factory can produce 22.000 different cables. Besides all these, Türk Prysmian performs “turn key” projects for cables and systems, and provides all its customers unique and superior services.


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The installed capacity of Türk Prysmian is also at a level to compete in the international markets. Türk Prysmian, with its 76% capacity saturation in 2020 and which continues to be a privileged export center within the Prysmian Group exported approximately 37% of its TL 1.802.184.466 turnover in 2020. Türk Prysmian has sustained its leadership regarding to innovation, technology, quality and customer satisfaction in Turkey and in the international markets. Today, the company exports to more than 40 countries covering a wide geography, including but not limited to the Turkic Republics and the Middle East countries.

Prysmian Group has 25 R&D centers worldwide; one of these R&D centers is in Türk Prysmian’s Mudanya factory. Material Technologies Laboratory located in this R&D center is registered by Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) with accreditation certificate named as TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 “General Requirements For The Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories”. The certificate given by TÜRKAK represents that the results of “fire tests” completed in Türk Prysmian’s laboratory have reliability and also an international validity.

Türk Prysmian Kablo ve Sistemleri A.Ş., listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, which increases the effectiveness of its products and services everyday not only in Turkey, but also in global markets has proven the value it gives to human being and to the environment by obtaining ISO/DQS 9001, and ISO 14000 certifications in its sector.