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Connections to Grid

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Connections to Grid

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We deliver complete systems that provide cable connections both to and from islands and across archipelagos to link even the remotest of locations enabling power to be transmitted with the mainland electricity grids.

What truly sets us apart is our capability to provide a comprehensive and fully managed EPCI service. From the design and engineering to the manufacture and full turnkey installation, encompassing the complete project management and many aspects beyond, our full value chain gives our customers a hassle-free single point of contact for all their project needs.

We are a single source provider offering full EPCI turnkey cable system solutions to meet our customer requirements.

As well as enabling those located in isolated places to benefit from a more secure energy supply through the connection to a national grid system, several other advantages can be recognised.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, our pioneering connections to power grids lower the environmental effect of energy supply. Providing mainland energy to locations where otherwise local generation would be needed, such as the building of a power plant, avoids the resulting impact on the local environment.  Access to the mainland grids and the large-scale generated power, with invariably lower energy prices, enables utilities to offer a direct economic benefit to the consumers.

Such connections can open opportunity for local economic development by enabling the transfer of power generated locally, say, through wind, wave, tidal or solar installations, be these on the islands themselves, or other man-made structures and platforms, whether on land or offshore, linking them to the national power network, accommodating the crossing of inlets and rivers on their way to their final grid connection points on land.

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Prysmian in action

We’ve been involved in numerous notable projects globally for the development of grid connections, just some of which include:

  • The first ever submarine power link to connect Capri to Naples, allowing the reduction of CO2 emissions by around 130 K tons per year.
  • The construction and execution of a submarine power cable link to connect Phu Quoc Island to Vietnam – Asia’s longest undersea cable system to date.
  • The design, supply and installation of a deep-water High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) cable system connecting the island of Syros (Cyclades) with Lavrion, Greece.
  • The engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of two 380 kV AC cable circuits between Sicily and Calabria power stations.

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