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Partial Discharge Monitoring System

Breakthrough technology for condition-assessment and asset management

Partial Discharge Monitoring System

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With our suite of PRY-CAM products, we’re creating a revolution in the fields of partial discharge (PD) measurement, asset management and condition assessment of electrical assets.

Designed to protect our customers from the very real challenges and difficulties presented by blackouts and service interruptions, these solutions harness the extraordinary possibilities of the Internet of Things.

PD measurement and condition assessment data can be collected and stored via the Cloud, to be accessed and shared remotely – across sites, cities, countries and continents. This enables faster, more accurate, more effective maintenance strategies for electrical assets and machine learning that can be applied without geographical constraints.

It’s a revolution that puts cutting-edge technology into the hands of the right people, where it’s most effective, in a way that’s easier than ever before.

Leading this revolution is PRY-CAM from Prysmian Electronics.

A fast, flexible, reliable game-changer. A portable instrument that performs online PD measurement without service interruption. All born of 140 years’ of expertise in designing and delivering world-leading cable technology.

EN - products and solutions - power grids - asset monitoring systems - partial discharge monitoring system

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