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Prysmian Group, of which Türk Prysmian is a part, always manages all its processes by saying "People First" and believes that individuals' backgrounds, leadership styles and attitudes are individually valuable. Because for the Prysmian Group, each person has the potential to create value for the Company. The Side by Side project, which was developed in this context and adopted globally within the Group, promotes Diversity and Inclusions at all levels of the organization, culture and identity development of the Prysmian Group.

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Prysmian Group organizes many professional trainings for its approximately 30,000 employees, which it defines as its most valuable asset, including some at the Manufacturing Academy in Türk Prysmian's factory in Mudanya. The group has many people-oriented programs that it has been working on in recent years.

  • 'Build The Future', 'Make It' and 'Sell It' programs
  • ViewPoint: Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • P3: Performance Evaluation System
  • P4: Talent Management System
  • YES: Opportunity for Prysmian Group employees all over the world to own Prysmian Group shares

Türk Prysmian is pleased to offer these programs to all of its employees, in addition to providing scholarship support to its employees’ children, its employees' graduate and MBA programs, and organizing concerts and festivals with the participation of its employees. Türk Prysmian, the pioneer company of the Turkish cable industry, continues to adopt an approach that prioritizes "Human" and invests in "Human" since its establishment.