Dünyada Prysmian Group

Dünyada Prysmian Group

Uluslararası fırsatlar. Yerel uzmanlık.

Kablo teknolojisi konusunda, yenilikçi bir dünya lideriyiz ve bunu etkileyici küresel bir varlık ile bir araya getiriyoruz.

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Discover the numbers behind Prysmian Group's succes

Spanning 50 countries, 104 plants, 25 R&D centres, and with about 28,000 employees, we have a strategic footprint that allows us to service emerging markets and communities across the globe with ease.

Not only that, the sheer scale of our operations means we are constantly close to our customers. Truly able to listen to their needs, from the ground upwards. And what’s more, our plants are some of the largest in their categories worldwide, with a production capacity that will support more complex, cutting-edge projects than ever before.

We’re linking the world with the future of cable technology

Global Presence

Global Presence

Prysmian Offices 34


Prysmian Plants 104


Prysmian R&D Centers 25

R&D Centers

Prysmian Global Presence
3 2 21 8 9 6 49 18 2 2 10 3

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