R&D Center Certificate to Prysmian Group Turkey

Categories: Corporate

Istanbul, Türkiye   -   10/10/2016

Prysmian Group Turkey, was given the “R&D Center Certificate” for its first and registered R&D center in the Turkish cable sector and its extensive studies and investments at the 5th Private Sector R&D Centers Summit organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey.

Worldwide leading company in energy and telecommunication cables’ sector Prysmian Group’s Turkey operation Prysmian Group Turkey, participated in the Summit held on 27-28 September on the subject 'Development with R&D and Innovation' at the Ankara Presidential Complex, and was given the "R&D Center Document ".
The R&D Center in Mudanya plant of Prysmian Group, the first and only in the Turkish cable sector, is one of the 17 R&D centers within Prysmian Group, worldwide leading company in energy and telecommunication cables’ sector. The center, which is registered as "R&D Center" by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2015 has the most comprehensive design, innovation and product development infrastructure of the Turkish cable industry, includes 6 sections, 5 thousand square meters of area. The Center where Materials Technology Laboratories, Combustion Test Laboratories, Energy Cabling Test Laboratories and Telecom and Fiber Cabling Test Laboratories are located also includes the Design and Innovation Office and the Process Design and Prototype Development Offices.

Prysmian Group Turkey CEO Erkan Aydogdu, who expressed feeling great honor to take the R&D Center Document, said that they will continue to work on environmentally sensitive new products and systems, pioneering innovation and development. Aydogdu; "Our R&D Center in Mudanya plant is one of the 17 R&D centers within Prysmian Group on the international platform, the leader of cable manufacturing and material technology. We continue to make projects with high added value via new technologies in our center. We continue to work great with our enthusiasm and motivation in our factory, in building sites and in offices together with all our employees, in line with our mission Linking Turkey to Future’. Therefore, we take the positive results of every action we take. “We will continue to work with the same enthusiasm and motivation that we have been given the “R&D Center Certificate" with great pleasure”.

Prysmian Group Turkey, which has realized many investments to increase technology and production capacity since 1964, continues to provide unique and superior services to all its customers by performing "Turnkey" projects for these cables while producing 22.000 different cables in Mudanya factory.