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Backed by the biggest cable company in the world

The Multimedia and Enterprise Networks division is partnered with the UK’s leading distribution network and installers to deliver optical fibre and copper cabling systems.

Our world-class multimedia cabling solutions are installer-focused and locally manufactured.

Our products are guaranteed with Prysmian Group’s application assurance warranty and have independent third-party certification – a brand you can trust.

Product Families

The Draka Universal Cabling System - comprised of optical fibre and copper structured cabling and connectivity - takes Prysmian Group’s cables and technologies and wraps them into a world-class solution that is delivered through our partnership program to the market.

We enable our partners to call on all of the technical and manufacturing resources within the Group to differentiate their quotes and mutually secure more business.

Film, TV and radio studios across the world trust Draka Broadcast cables to deliver high performance in all scenarios. Draka manufactures a comprehensive range of cables for the broadcast industry: high-precision analogue and digital 75-Ω video cables for connecting switchers and mixers, VTRs and monitors. Robust camera and audio cables cater to a wide variety of situations, including studio, stage, speaker’s cabin and outside broadcasts.
Prysmian provide copper and optical cables to enable virtually every communications application you can think of. But we don’t just enable, we go beyond.

These are superior solutions that will not only meet your current cable requirements, but your future ones too, with greater bandwidths, enhanced durability, and easier installation.

Our continued commitment to product research, development and extension, means we can help you make your existing cable solutions ready for next-generation applications. We can also design and produce special-purpose cables for more exacting demands.

Draka, a brand pf Prysmian Group, have launched an all new installer friendly connectivity range with plastic free eco-packaging as part of the Universal Cabling System.

The connectivity range has been completely revised for increased quality and performance, whilst also maintaining its competitive edge in the market. The look of the connectivity products has transformed and now all come with a modern, updated Draka branding.

Draka has completed the transition of all our Universal Cabling Fibre offering from ‘regular’ G.652.D fibre to the Group’s world leading bend-insensitive BendBrightXS G.657.A1. Bend-insensitive fibre optic cables are a crucial part of the UK’s shift towards flexible and ultra-reliable fibre connectivity.


This fibre upgrade allows Draka to continue to make our cables in ever increasing fibre counts (432 fibre Cca is now available) with reduced diameters.

Prysmian Group is the UK and Europe's largest domestic cable manufacturer with 8 factories servicing the Multimedia and Datacom market alone.
From optical core to complete cable - logistics and customer service - the Group manages the entire process locally.

Installer Partnership Program

We see the relationships with our partners as the key to success of our cabling system. We work closely with our distribution partners to keep installers updated with standards and new product innovations.
If you want to become a certified Draka UC Installation Partner and be able to offer the 25-Year Prysmian Group Warrenty, there is a simple process to follow that can be accessed through our distribution partners by filing out the application below.
A 'toolbox training' is avilable for engineers, which contains specific details on the Draka Universal Cabling System's range of products and best installation practices - available on-site or at a premises that bes suits.
Our installation partners will have access to technical information and support such as our installation guidelines, expert test result analysis, and on-site support.
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Construction Products Regulation

EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) covers any cable product that is intended to be used in construction works (Fix Installation), including both buildings and civil engineering works. It is subject to performance requirements on the reaction to and/or resistance to fire. CRP became mandatory for cables on 1 July 2017.