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Company Information

Prysmian's business is centered on the key markets of Energy Cables and Systems, Telecom Cables and Systems, in which we are among the world leaders and innovators.

For more than a century we have grown as a truly multinational corporation, deeply rooted in local markets throughout the world and building upon our core sectors.

With full year 2013 sales of Euro 7 billion, Prysmian employs more than 19,000 people all around the world.

Türk Prysmian Kablo ve Sistemleri A.Ş is listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange with ticker PRKAB.


Our Vision

As being a member of Prysmian Group and as the oldest well-established and leading company in its sector, our vision is;

  • To exhibit a creative and superior performance within the workforce with its distinguished and innovative role,
  • To have an organizational structure which emphasizes openness and social responsibility,
  • To keep customer satisfaction by providing long-term partnerships,
  • To create a value for its stakeholders with permanence,
  • To dedicate itself to improve the social conditions,
  • To be always the leader of the sector in Turkey and international platform.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value to our shareholders and to the sector by providing to our customers, our partners and to the community innovative, technological, high quality and safe products which are adequte to standards.