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Since 1964, the first day of its establishment, Türk Prysmian Kablo ve Sistemleri A.Ş. works on multiple themes in corporate social responsibility. When the last 10 years of the company are examined, it’s very obvious that Türk Prysmian focuses particularly on educational and art projects and at the same time takes as its responsibility to meet the public needs.

In 2008, Türk Prysmian supported the “Uluabat Lake Management Plan, Stork Friendly Villages Project”. As part of the project, Türk Prysmian aimed to renovate the electricity system of Eskikaraağaç Village in Karacabey provincial district in collaboration with the village to replace the bare copper conductors with insulated wires and eventually prevent the storks that hit the village’s power lines from injuries. Türk Prysmian, during the same year, supplied the cable infrastructure and donated the cables for the Turkish Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation
Foundation to build a center for deaf children aged 0 - 6 who are not provided with proper education.

In addition to these projects, in 2008, Türk Prysmian published a book titled “Tirilye - from past to present” written and photographed by travel writer Reyan Tüvi to contribute to the promotion and the cultural heritage of the region where Türk Prysmian’s factory is located. Türk Prysmian also renovated the Balabancık Village Primary School in Bursa where the company’s factory is located. Following the reopening ceremony in October 7, 2009; education in the school resumed. The project has enabled Balabancık Village’s students to be educated in their own
village instead of commuting to another village. Türk Prysmian provided the cable infrastructure and donated the cables for Istanbul Technical University’s Solar Car which participated in the World Solar Challenge in Australia - one of the most important races of its kind in the world. Istanbul Technical University’s Solar Car Team formed by mechanical, electrical and organizational subgroups that first got together in 2004 returned from the 4000km race with the “Best Newcomer Award”. Furthermore, Türk Prysmian donated some equipment to Yakacık Hatice Abbas Halim Kindergarten’s gym to contribute to the renovation process of the school in 2009, aiming to ensure that the children have the chance to exercise during their education.

Türk Prysmian and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University reached a mutual agreement in late 2009 to carry out the second “Cable in My Life Art Workshop” which was first held in 2008. The purpose of the workshop which took place on April 7-14, 2010 with the participation of students from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University was for the students to individually create unique pieces of art using different types of industrial cables as well as to provide contribution to education and arts. The art works created by the students were exhibited at Prysmian’s Mudanya factory from April 15 to May 21, at Mimar

Sinan Fine Arts University from May 27 to June 11 and at Rahmi M. Koç Museum from July 13 to July 27. In 2011, Türk Prysmian provided the cable infrastructure of “Sahne Hal”, the stages built by “Tiyatro Hal” with their own means. By donating the cables for “Sahne Hal” located in Mecidiyeköy, İstanbul, Türk Prysmian once again showed its regard for arts. Türk Prysmian continued to support various educational institutions in 2012, namely Hatice İsmail Hakkı Kayan Primary School, İkbal-Betül-İhsan Çilingir Primary School, Ahmet Rüştü High School, and NOSAB Primary School. Giving priority to the development of Mudanya region where the factory is located, Türk Prysmian, in collaboration with Mudanya Municipality, Mudanya Police Department, Mudanya Justice Department, Tirilye Youth and Sports Directorate, Mudanya Tuberculosis Control Association, and 911 Search and Rescue Association, carried out a number of projects in 2012 to ensure that the residents are better served. Aside from the contributions provided to the residents in the region, Türk Prysmian has also continued to support its employees and donated 38 computers.

In 2013, Türk Prysmian, in “Fire Prevention Week” organized a visit with its employees’ children and students from Hatice İsmail Hakkı Kayan Elemantary School. During the visits organized between 28th of September and 1st of October, the children while having fun, found the opportunity to learn useful information about the fire department.
Türk Prysmian giving 23 scholarships to its employees’ children in 2013-2014 educational year, gave additional 26 scholarships to its employees’ high school and university students’ children in 2014-2015 educational year. Additional to that, the company donated in kind Çamlıca Anadolu High School, Mudanya 12 Eylül Primary School, NOSAB Primary School and supported the residents of the region where its factory is located by giving TL7,366 cash donation to various institutions including Mudanya Safety Department. Prysmian Group Turkey has joined Bursa Marathon which is organized to provide training support to the children in TEGV Bursa in 2015. A corporate track team was formed to serve this good purpose. Türk Prysmian will definitely to be a part of similar projects and activities.

Prysmian Group Turkey working in the same way in 2016, supported some institutions like Mudanya Municipality Dinç Spor, Bursa Six Dots Foundation for the Blinds, and Halep Support Campaign and BTSO 15 July Donation Campaign by giving TL77.131 cash donation and Mudanya Safety Department, Mudanya Dörtçelik Industry Vocational High School, Bursa Automotive Vocational High School, Gemlik Vocational and Technical High School, Atatürk Industry Vocational High School and Public Research Foundation by donating in kind worth TL75.165.