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Prysmian Group Turkey took part in the Data Center Turkey 2017 Conference organized by the Association of Information Infrastructure Systems (BASID) on April 19th and shared new technologies in structured cabling with sector professionals.

Worldwide leading company in energy and telecommunication cables’ industry Prysmian Group’s Turkey operation Prysmian Group Turkey wsa the Silver Sponsor in Data Center Turkey 2017 Conference which was held on 19 April 2017 at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center. Tayfun Eren, Global Product Manager for Fiber Optic Cabling, made a presentation titled "New Technologies in Structured Cabling" within the activity.

At the Data Center Turkey 2017 Conference where the sector came together, datacenter parameters and the information infrastructure sector were evaluated in all dimensions, and the opportunity to exchange views on the latest developments in the sector was presented. New technologies and solutions were also discussed at the Data Center Turkey Conference organized by the Association of Information Infrastructure Systems (BASİD). The conference was attended by managers of companies that offer technology infrastructures, data processing authorities and academics, data center integrators and managers, business managers, IT managers, networking, cabling and communications engineers, purchasing managers, architects and business analysts. 

Erkan Aydoğdu, Prysmian Group Turkey’s CEO stating that they are carrying out innovative work in every field within the scope of "Linking Turkey to the Future" mission said, "This conference on new technologies in data transfer is important in terms of bringing together industry professionals and exchanging information on up-to-date technologies. With our Draka branded products, we aim to move today's technology used in structural cabling and data center infrastructures forward." 

At the end of the day, Prysmian Group Turkey Telecom Sales Director Ufuk Colak, who stated that they would share the differentiating features of Prysmian products with the sector leaders within the scope of the conference where the plaques of attendees were also presented, gave the following information:

"Prysmian's 'Draka UC Connect Structured Cabling System Solution' is the product of a large R&D effort. Structured cabling system, which is preferred also in houses, especially in data centers, offices and industrial areas, is one of the biggest necessities and is being used to transmit more data faster. We have focused our R&D efforts on faster, thinner and less space-consuming cables used in everyday life. We design next generation cables according to market requirements and today's technology. By specifying the standards of the products we have developed with global authorities, we offer our own design patented cables and knowledge to sector."