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Business Security Award to Prysmian Group Turkey

The employees of Prysmian Group Turkey were deservedly awarded with the proposition under the Ergonomics Project in the MESS Gold Proposition Occupational Health and Safety Contest organized by the Turkish Metal Industries Association (MESS) for the second time.

Worldwide energy and telecommunication cables sector leader Prysmian Group's Turkey operation Prysmian Group Turkey participated in the MESS Gold Glove and Gold Proposal OHS award ceremony held on November 16th at the Istanbul Marriot Hotel and won award for the proposal contributing to the development of employees' health and safety at work.

The MESS Gold Proposal The OHS competition has been held for two years to raise awareness in the field of occupational health and safety, to support and encourage continuing efforts in this field, and to ensure that work that contributes to the development of occupational safety awareness is delivered to all people. In the ceremony attended by representatives of MESS dealer companies, employers' organizations and academicians, the winners were selected in the direction of the meticulous election of the jury composed of 10 experts in the field. The employees of Prysmian Group Turkey, Fatih Hakkı Çiftçi and Benan Bicer were entitled to the award for the proposition they offered under the ergonomics projects. 

Expressing that they are a very sensitive company in terms of occupational health and safety Prysmian Group Turkey CEO Erkan Aydogdu, expressed his happiness for that the employees won the award as follows: "We continue our work with great enthusiasm and motivation, together with our employees, our workshops and our staff in our offices. At every step we take, we attach great importance to the criteria of occupational health and safety. I am proud that my dear colleagues Hakkı Çiftçi and Benan Biçer be awarded a prize in the MESS Gold Proposition OHS Contest with the ergonomics proposition that they presented to us.of  in the  After that, we will continue to carry on our work with the same diligence and sensitivity, with the importance and sensitivity we have given to business security. "