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"Attention! All Cables Are Not the Same ..." Initiative Captured the Hearths in Italy

To raise awareness of correct cable usage, Prysmian Group Turkey launched in 2012 "Attention! All Cables Are Not the Same ... "initiative has had influence throughout the world.  Prysmian Group Turkey CEO Erkan Aydogdu, who explained the project in Pryvilege Organization attended by Prysmian's distributors all over the world, said, "They invited us to everywhere in the world and asked for support in implementing this initiative in their country."

Worldwide leading company in energy and telecommunication cables sector Prysmian Group’s Turkey operation Prysmian Group Turkey is the biggest initiative of the Turkish cable industry and it continues to work on announcing the world its initiative aiming to raise awareness in the sector about the right cable usage. “Attention! All Cables Are Not Same ...”.

In addition to Prysmian Group CEO Valerio Battista and Prysmian Group Chief Energy Officer Hans Nieman, Prysmian Group Turkey CEO Erkan Aydogdu made a presentation at the PryVilege Organization held in Sorrento, Italy, joined by Prysmian's international distributors on May 18-19.

In line with the strategies of 'Differentiation, Innovation and Sustainability' Erkan Aydogdu, describing the initiative “Attention! All cables are not the same ... ", has said "Initiative attracted great interest by all participants, we were appreciated.  By inviting us to their countries, they asked for support for implementing this initiative in their countries”. Aydogdu, who expressed that the initiative “Attention! All Cables Are Not The Same... " drawing attention in the world encourages them “We have always underlined that this work will not draw attention only in Turkey, but this is a work that will take the stage in the world   Now seeing this proves how much we are right to lead this way”.

2000 people reached

In December 2012, 'Attention! All Cables Are Not The Same ... "  more than 300 people participated in the launch of the initiative, stated Aydogdu. "In the first stage, we visited 13 cities across Turkey and explained our initiative. As part of the road show, we organized 23 seminars in 12 cities in 2 countries, reaching more than 1,430 people. Then we proceed to phase 2. The most important element of this phase was a program Kablomatik that was developed by our R & D team in close relationships with our stakeholders in the market, helping to select the right cable. We access the Kablomatik through our web site and our iPhone application. The application is also available on Blackberry and Android. With the work of advertisements, interviews and promotions, we have got in touch with many people in different stages in stage 2. However, since we did not think the initiative has reached its goal, we started the third phase via new research and new tests. We have a test count of 2645, so it has increased up to 6288. Within this phase, we reached about 650 more people in 12 seminars organized in our factory in Adana, Ankara, Izmir and Mudanya. Thus, in total, the number of individuals we have reached has exceeded 2000, " he concluded.

University students has learned the cable application areas

Prysmian Group Turkey wanted to introduce the students of engineering departments of various universities the initiative “Attention! All Cables Are Not The Same... " and in this context, it provided its first training to 60 engineering faculty students at Istanbul University Avcilar Campus.  Throughout the training, the company delivered detailed information to the students about 'General Cable Structure and Applications' especially in the interests of students. Erkan Aydogdu, who has given the information about the education process that will continue throughout 2015, said, "We are investing in young generations which are the future of Turkey as well as our factory and the sector as a part of our company mission “Linking Turkey to Future" which we announced in 2012" . In this sense, I would like to express our happiness to meet with our student friends. We wanted to raise awareness among the students of engineering faculty in many subjects such as general cable structure and applications, cable security and cable usage areas in Turkey through this training. We aim to train students in the engineering departments of other universities under our plans, "he stated.