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A First from Prysmian Group Turkey: Free Online Cable Training

Prysmian Group Turkey, with the most comprehensive awareness-raising project of the Turkish cable industry, "Attention! All Cables Are Not The Same…”, reaching approximately 2700 sector professionals in Turkey, has undertaken a first again and launched online cable training. Online Cable Training, which is free and open to public participation, is made of 7 modules and 1 exam.

Worldwide leading company in energy and telecommunication cables sector Prysmian Group's Turkey operation Prysmian Group Turkey's, is reaching more and more people every day with the Online Cable Training, launched in December 2015 in order to raise the knowledge of the employees in cable industry.

A wide group formed by students, academicians, teachers, electrical engineers, electricians, electric technicians, project designers and distributors can join anytime Free Online Cable Training, one of the most important steps of the “Attention! All Cables Are Not The Same…” initiative on

Online Cable Training, implemented by Prysmian Group Turkey, which continues its efforts to boost the sector, is composed of 7 modules and one exam, including basic information about cables, application areas of cables, material technologies, general cable structure, fire performance tests, cable and drum use and Construction Products Regulations (CPR). Participants who are successful in the exam are entitled to receive an attendance certificate after the training.

"We use the innovative practices of the information age"

Tamer Yavuztürk, Marketing and Business Development Manager of Prysmian Group Turkey, gave the following information about training:

"Under the initiative we have been carrying out since 2012 "Attention! All Cables Are Not The Same...", we have reached approximately 2700 individuals in Turkey and abroad.  Accessing to the people we can not visit using the innovative practices of the information age, on the internet, without time and space limitations, as technology is being rapidly advanced and digitalized today; and sharing the developments in the sector with them, being able to give information about our products and new technologies, being able to increase their knowledge about cables is a great honor to us. We invite the people who have not yet attended training which we think will be very useful for them.

Erkan Aydoğdu, CEO of Prysmian Group Turkey has said that the success of Prysmian Group in Turkey is directly related to the quality of its human resources. "Our mission, "Linking Turkey to Future"  that we announced about 5 years ago and we stand behind all the activities we have carried out, continues to guide us. Together with continuing education and training, we give great importance to raising qualified human resources by offering professional development opportunities. The initiative "Attention! All Cables Are Not The Same ... ", which is the most comprehensive awareness-raising project in the Turkish cable industry, that we launched in Turkey has been an example to other countries too, in order to draw the attention on the fact that cables with a similar look may perform very differently and to emphasize the possible risks of low-quality products. We are moving forward more firmly every day in the direction of our mission "Linking Turkey to Future".